Alyssa and Fayaz’s Romantically Elegant Wedding At Deer Creek Golf Club

Love knows no boundaries, and that was proven true by Alyssa and Fayaz, whose paths crossed during their time at McMaster University. They were introduced to each other by mutual friends, and as fate would have it, their love story began. Both Alyssa and Fayaz come from Indian and Muslim backgrounds, but their different branches of Islam did not stop them from coming together and having a beautiful wedding celebration that combined their cultural and religious traditions. They had three days of wedding events, including a Sangeet, an Ismaili Nikkah at the Scarborough Jamaatkhana, and finally, the Ishnasheri Nikkah and wedding reception combined at Deer Creek. It was a stunning celebration filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments captured by the talented lens of Photography by Azra.

The bride looked absolutely stunning on her special day, and that was all thanks to Blu Ivory Bridal, who provided her with the perfect wedding dress that perfectly complemented the elegant and romantic theme of the wedding. Laila Jamal, the hair and makeup artist, made sure that Alyssa looked picture-perfect with her beautiful makeup and hairstyle. The intricate henna designs on Alyssa’s hands were created by Henna By Divya, adding a traditional and cultural touch to her overall look.

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The couple’s photo session was a beautiful sight to behold. The lovebirds were perfectly poised and radiant, with their outfits and accessories complementing the stunning backdrop. The serene atmosphere and the charming natural elements provided an enchanting setting for their photoshoot.

The ceremony was a gorgeous blend of their cultural and religious traditions. It was a reflection of their unique love story and was a beautiful start to their lifelong journey together.

The reception was a beautiful reflection of their personalities and love story. Every detail was carefully selected and thoughtfully executed, from the stunning floral arrangements by The Wild Pansy to the personalized menus and name tags for each guest. Pink Peony Press provided elegant stationery that perfectly complemented the blush pink and floral theme of the day. The reception was full of heartwarming and humorous speeches, games, and delicious food.

Sahil Khan played the flute, adding to the ambiance of the night. Love in Bloom Cakes provided a gorgeous wedding cake that was both beautiful and delicious. The MirMir Photo Booth proved to be an absolute favorite among guests, providing a fun and interactive way for them to capture moments with friends and loved ones.

Fayaz paid homage to his late father by wearing his watch, and Alyssa and Fayaz included a sweet poem and photo of him at their receiving table. It was clear how loved he was and how much he was missed during the celebrations. As the wedding day came to an end, it was clear that the love they share is truly special.

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