Couples Halloween Costume

Best Couples Halloween Costumes For 2021

We paint our nails black, fawn over gothic wedding gowns, and hang pumpkin bunting from our desks as soon as October 1st arrives. Yes, we love Halloween here at Hitched.
There’s no better time to go all out on the fancy dress front than on the scariest holiday of the year, whether you’re freshly engaged, newlyweds, or have a few years of marriage under your belt.
Here are the greatest couples Halloween costumes of 2021, and quotes ranging from creepy makeup to cheerful family-friendly costumes and Disney-inspired outfits. Your name is on the list for best dressed…

Halloween is the ideal opportunity to scare the living daylights out of your buddies.
You’ll be well on your way if you choose one of these spooky couple’s Halloween costume ideas.

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1. Vampire Couples Halloween Costume

vampire Costume

This creepy couple’s Halloween costume is simple to put together.
All you’ll need is some stain-resistant clothing and plenty of fake blood! A good set of makeup abilities would also come in helpful.

2. Clowns Couples Halloween Costume

Is it only us that thinks clowns have the most terrifying fear factor? No, I don’t believe so.
Having your party guests dress up as zombie clowns are sure to give them a fright.

3. Skeletons Couples Halloween Costume

Pick up two skeleton bodysuits, darken your eyes with black eye shadow, and back-comb your hair to keep things basic.
This scary couple’s Halloween costume is simple but effective.

4. Suicide Squad Couples Halloween Costume

Bring things right up to date this Halloween by dressing up as Harley Quinn and the Joker.
This may have been done a lot in 2016, but the creepy couple still has life in them!

5. Pennywise from IT Couples Halloween Costume

This Halloween, take a page from IT and dress up as Pennywise.
The red balloon is, without a doubt, necessary.

6. Day of the Dead Couples Halloween Costume

This Day of the Dead-inspired Halloween outfit is fantastic!
The devil is in the details in this case, which includes makeup and accessories. To conserve money, you can easily get away with wearing all-black ensembles.

7. Bride and Groom Couples Halloween Costume

For the ultimate “wedding planning is taking its toll” look, dig out an old white dress and smear it with blood.
Myles and Kady from TOWIE have gone over and beyond with colored contact lenses that complete their appearance perfectly.

8. Zombie Bride and Groom Couples Halloween Costume

This couple’s eerie twist on a bridal and groom ensemble is fantastic!
They’ve even purchased some terrifying contact lenses to make their eyes stand out.

9. The Purge Couples Halloween Costume

You’ll understand why this is the best scary lovers costume if you’ve seen the movie.
You can repurpose pieces from your closet, and then all you need are prop guns and masks to complete the look.

10. Boxers Couples Halloween Costume

Boxers are a wonderful choice because they incorporate a little gore.
You’ll only need your gym clothes and a robe.

11. Couples in Frankenstein Costumes for Halloween

If you’re going to a Halloween party, this costume is actually rather simple to put together and will offer you a good chance of winning best dressed.

Cute Couples Halloween Costumes

Who says you have to dress up in a scary costume on Halloween? Choose from a variety of adorable pair Halloween costumes.

12. Scooby Doo Couples Halloween Costume

What a throwback to the past!
We adore how this couple has recreated Shaggy and Scooby-Doo… It would also be quite inexpensive to put together.

13. Velma and Daphne Couples Halloween Costume

After a quick trip to your local vintage clothing store, you’ll be dressed like Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo. A fancy gown has never looked so good!

14. Jack and Rose Couples Halloween Costume

Dress up as Jack and Rose this Halloween, taking inspiration from the romantic film Titanic.
Because, they got very cold, super pale pressed powder is a requirement.

15. Harry Potter Couples Halloween Costume

Harry Potter will never get old so why not dress up as members of Slytherin this Halloween?

It would make a great group idea if you have a few friends who can go as Gryffindor too.

16. NASA Couples Halloween Costume

This idea for a couple’s Halloween costume is fantastic. It’s the ideal approach to set the tone if you’re having a heavenly-themed wedding!
Either dress like a spaceman or cover yourself in glitter and stars. You’ll have an out-of-this-world appearance…

17. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Couples Halloween Costume

Every year, Neil Patrick Harris and his family have the best Halloween costumes.
These Alice in Wonderland clothes have to be one of our favorites.

18. Jack and Jill Couples Halloween Costume

Jack and Jill headed to a Halloween party up the hill!
One of our favorite childhood nursery songs inspired this couple’s Halloween outfit. One thing is certain: no one else will have come up with this concept.

19. Ross and Rachel Couples Halloween Costume

This could be the outfit for you if you still can’t stop watching reruns together.
If you add your own Marcel the monkey, you’ll get bonus points!

20. Stranger Things Couples Halloween Costume

This has to be one of our favorite pair Halloween costumes we’ve seen, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it if you’re a Stranger Things fan.
Whether you dress up like Eleven or The Mind Flayer, this outfit makes for a fantastic Instagram picture!

21. Fruit Couples Halloween Costume

This Halloween costume for a couple is adorable!
You may truly personalize your attire based on your resources, whether you go as pineapple and strawberry-like this duo or mix up the fruit dish.

Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

If you and your partner are the jokesters in your group of friends, dress up in one of these amusing couples Halloween costumes to live up to your reputation.

22. Britney and Justin Couples Halloween Costume

The double denim ensemble worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards was absolutely alarming.
If you go through your closet and find all of your denim, or go to your local charity shops, you’ll be able to pull off this look.

23. Filter and No Filter Couples Halloween Costume

We love this original idea for a couples of Halloween costumes!

One of you will be glammed up and accessorized like your favorite Snapchat filter while the other will be channeling an “I woke up like this” vibe – Instagram won’t know what’s hit it.

24. Google Maps Couples Halloween Costume

When we came across this Google Maps-inspired Halloween outfit, we couldn’t help but giggle.
Replace the road names with those from your hometown.

25. Pulp Fiction Couples Halloween Costume

What’s not to like about this Pulp Fiction costume for Halloween? For any type of event, this is a little bit hilarious, a little bit seductive, and ultra-cool.

26. Cards Against Humanity Couples Halloween Costume 

What a blast it will be to come up with a question and answer for these outfits… It’s also a very cost-effective option: all you need are two sheets of cards and plain black and white t-shirts.

Disney Couples Halloween Costumes

The best is Disney. Your couples Halloween costume should reflect your affection for your favorite Disney characters…

27. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Couples Halloween Costume

One of our all-time favorite Disney movies is Peter Pan.
Make use of Halloween to dress up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. We know it’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

28. Lilo and Stitch Halloween Costume

Cute! Because Lilo and Stitch were one of our childhood favorites, we adore this Halloween outfit.
Now all you have to do is choose who will play Stitch…

29. Aladdin and Jasmine Halloween Costume

Dress dressed like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine like Marvin and Rochelle Humes did for Halloween if you and your partner are serious about looking your best.

30. Monsters Inc Couples Halloween Costume

Dress up as our favorite Monsters Inc. couple by copying this couple’s Halloween costume concept. What a sweetie!

31. The Incredibles Couples Halloween Costume

Why not dress up as one of the Incredibles? In their superhero outfits, this duo is ready to save the day.
Dress up as Alice and the Mad Hatter and wish your peers a merry Halloween from Wonderland.

33. Pirates of the Caribbean Couples Halloween Costume

Ahoy! This Halloween, dress up as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Their pair kept things lighthearted, but adding a dash of terror to this costume idea is simple. Who are Will and Elizabeth?

Sexy Couples Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for a sensual Halloween costume for you and your partner, go no further than these hot couples Halloween costumes.

34. Dead Bonnie and Clyde Couples Halloween Costume

Dress up like one of history’s most famous couples on Halloween.
With bullet holes in your clothes and plenty of fake blood, give Bonnie and Clyde a morbid makeover.

35. Prisoner and Prison Officer Couples Halloween Costume

This duo looks fantastic as is, but an Orange is the New Black-inspired prisoner and guards dynamic would also work.

36. Doctor and Nurse Couples Halloween Costume

The whole “doctor and nurse” thing has been done before, so if that’s your go-to costume this year, you’ll need to nail it.
Follow in the footsteps of this couple who spent a small fortune on full costumes, props, and fake blood.

37. Devils Couples Halloween Costume

It’s sexy, easy, and inexpensive to put together. This red devil couple’s Halloween costume has so much to offer.

38. Gomez and Morticia Couples Halloween Costume

The classics, in our opinion, are unbeatable.
Get your Gomez and Morticia on by taking a cue from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s ensembles (particularly great for a couple whose wardrobes already consist of black, black, and more black).

39. Circus Couples Halloween Costume

Transform you and your significant other become circus masters with this sultry, seductive, and really entertaining performance.
Keep your makeup minimal and accessorize with a top hat to complete the outfit.

Couples Halloween Makeup Ideas

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Choose from these couples Halloween makeup ideas for an understated Halloween look.

40. Creepy Skeletons Couples Halloween Makeup

If your makeup speaks for itself, you won’t need a full-fledged costume.
Dress in black from head to toe and change your face into a skeleton. You’ll be unrecognizable as a couple!

41. Little Red Riding Hood Couples Halloween Makeup

Invest in a full Little Red Riding Hood outfit if you have a little extra cash to spare.
With this style, it’s all about cosmetics. To properly shock your fellow partygoers, pick up some stick-on wounds and fake blood.

42. Egyptian Pharaoh Couples Halloween Makeup

Having a steady hand is pretty much the only talent you’ll need to pull off this Halloween makeup look.

43. Day of the Dead Couples Halloween Makeup

This over-the-top Day of the Dead-inspired cosmetics look has us completely smitten.
The stick-on gems are a fantastic addition! Find several that are comparable here.

44. Clowns Couples Halloween Makeup

Clowns are creepy, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: they’re creepy.
Dress entirely in black and concentrate your efforts on recreating this simple yet oh-so-powerful makeup look.

45. Medusa and the Stone Statue Couples Halloween Makeup

Even though our makeup skills aren’t quite up to par to reproduce this look, we couldn’t help but include it.
Top Tip: Draping fishnet tights over your face or shoulders and then applying makeup will get the scale effect with no effort.

46. Skeletons Couples Halloween Makeup

With some discreet skeleton-inspired makeup, you can keep your couple’s Halloween costume subtle. Against the white face makeup, a strong red lip looks stunning.

47. Scarecrow and Pumpkin Couples Halloween Makeup

This is a fantastic Halloween costume idea for couples! You’ll need a straw hat and some plaid shirts to get started.

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