happy valentines day mother

Happy Valentines Day Mother

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom! Here are 20 lovely ways to wish her a happy day.

Romantic love is amazing, but what about a mother’s love for her child? That’s all the good stuff. Consider this: it’s a love that begins at birth (if not earlier), lasts a lifetime, and isn’t reinforced by the yearly ritualistic gifting of chocolate.

Maternal love is deserving of attention on Valentine’s Day for all of these reasons and more. Yes, we are aware that there is a separate holiday dedicated to this purpose. Is one day out of the year, however, genuinely enough to celebrate what our parents mean to us? Certainly not!

If your mother is like others, a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!” would be enough. You can, however, do better. Here’s a wide range of Valentine’s Day messages for a very special mother to help you select the appropriate phrases for a greeting card, social media post, or anything else.

Happy Valentines Day Mother 2022

happy valentines day mother quotes

  1. To my first sweetheart, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. Have I lately told you how much I value you? I, for one, do. Mom, have a great Valentine’s Day.
  3. On Valentine’s Day, I’m offering you part of my affection. After all the love you’ve shown me over the years, it’s the least I can do.
  4. Valentine’s Day greetings! Even if you weren’t my mother, I’d think you were fantastic.
  5. Did you really think I’d forget about Valentine’s Day? Mom, I’m right there with you! And, of course, Happy Valentine’s Day.
  6. Valentine’s Day is intended to be about love, and I always think of you when I think of love.
  7. I wouldn’t swap my mother for a box of heart-shaped chocolates in the world. You already know how much I enjoy chocolate.
  8. To the one who taught me how to love, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  9. When I was a child, I plainly recollect you supporting me in filling out my Valentines. Thank you for being such a terrific dad, and have a nice Valentine’s Day.
  10. The tint of your spectacles when you peek at me reminds me of flowers. Thank you for always seeing the best in me and wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day.
  11. Mom, have a great Valentine’s Day. I wish you a day filled with love. And there’s chocolate.
  12. Valentine’s Day is a terrific occasion to remember all of the love and attention you offered me as a child.
  13. Every day, come to think of it, is a terrific time for it.
  14. Your darling [son/daughter] wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day.
  15. Valentine’s Day is all about love and chocolate, two things that remind me of you.
  16. [Roses] Happy Valentine’s Day from someone who has disturbed you for a long time.
  17. When I was younger, you showed me all of your devotion. I’m returning a part of it today. Mom, have a great Valentine’s Day.
  18. If I had a bar of chocolate for all you’ve done for me, I’d be 500 pounds in no time!
  19. Happy Valentine’s Day to the person who gave birth to me raised me and has always had my back despite the passage of time. Mom, I adore you.
  20. Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to ponder about all of the people in your life, and you’re right at the center of mine.
  21. Happy Valentine’s Day to my mother, who is the kindest person I know.

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