Maria and Kat’s Rustic Chic Wedding at La Maquette Restaurant

Love knows no boundaries, and Maria and Kat’s love story is a testament to that. Their rustic chic wedding at La Maquette Restaurant celebrated their union in a truly unique and creative way. Let’s dive into the enchanting moments captured by Jessilynn Wong Photography, where Maria and Kat radiate beauty, happiness, and undeniable chemistry.

Expertly styled by Michael Fels Beauty and Nicole Ostonal Beauty, this couple’s natural beauty shines through, with both exuding a glow and confidence as they get ready for their big day. 

The wedding dresses from Sash & Bustle boutique reflect their individual styles while harmonizing with the rustic chic theme.

Surrounded by loved ones, Maria and Kat’s union is the perfect showcase of love.

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The photo session captured Maria and Kat in their element, basking in the beauty of the outdoors, their radiant smiles reflecting their genuine happiness and love for one another.

Under the open sky, Maria and Kat’s ceremony unfolded in the embrace of nature, surrounded by the lush greenery and vibrant blooms skillfully arranged by the talented team at May Flowers. With Weddings with Lori officiating, the air was filled with heartfelt vows, tears of joy, and an overwhelming sense of unity as Maria and Kat exchanged their promises, sealing their love in an intimate and unforgettable outdoor ceremony at the Hart House.

The reception unfolded into a captivating experience. Every detail was a testament to Maria and Kat’s love story, from the perfect invitations and stationery by Minted, which showcased their personal style, to the delectable masterpiece crafted by Tre Mari Bakery that delighted guests with its divine flavours. The entire day flowed seamlessly, creating an ambience of warmth, joy, and pure enchantment.

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