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Best 8 Valentine’s Day Traditions That Shouldn’t Have Been Ignored

The Victorians were entirely correct.
Sure, Valentine’s Day has a consumer-driven element to it (the National Retail Federation forecasts that Americans will spend an average of $165 on gifts and parties for the day in 2021, reaching $21.8 billion). However, many persons are thrilled with small Valentine’s Day gestures such as a gorgeous meal, thoughtful letter or homemade present, a romantic movie night at home, or simply a nice social media shoutout. In truth, many long-standing Valentine’s Day customs are inexpensive, and there are a few classic ideas we’d like to see restored. From old-fashioned homemade presents (how exquisite are puzzle purses?) to exhilarating holiday traditions like Christmas dances, there are tons of activities you can do for free (or practically free) to focus on establishing memories with your spouse or partner, friends, and family. These ideas are very handy for crafters, and if you have little children, you may even get them involved in crafting Valentine’s gifts.
If you’re still waiting for inspiration after reading about all of these amazing, old-fashioned Valentine’s Day customs, consider more cost-effective Valentine’s Day ideas like flowers with special meanings, romantic activities that are simple to conduct, and DIY Valentine’s décor.

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1: Homemade Cards

Homemade cards Valentine's Day Traditions

Individuals of all ages used to create and make unique cards from scratch before the days of buying cards in bulk. Couples spent a lot of time and effort in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries developing something wonderful (you can thank Shakespeare and Chaucer for introducing romance to the festival) (you can thank Shakespeare and Chaucer for adding romance to the holiday) (you can thank Shakespeare and Chaucer for adding romance to the holiday) (you can thank Shakespeare and Chaucer for adding romance to the holiday). It’s not so much about your skill level as it is about the thought and attention you put into a DIY card.

2: Handwritten Cards

valentines traditions handwritten card

Individuals used to send one other Valentine’s that were personalized with personal messages even before Hallmark and the mass-produced greeting card company began. According to The Huffington Post, handwritten Christmas cards were practice until 1847. Though pre-written cards are more convenient, nothing equals a handwritten love letter from your lover.

3: Gifting Purse Puzzles

Gifting Purse Puzzles

Take a page from the Victorians and make a “puzzle purse” if you absolutely want to go all out with a handcrafted symbol of your passion. According to Bustle, these presents were a succession of love letters that were designed to be read singly but also fit together to produce a lovely pattern and message. This year, make your own Valentine puzzle handbag with the assistance of VictorianTreasury.com’s instructions.

4: Holiday Dances

valentines traditions dances

Rather than spending a lot of money on a gourmet meal for two, couples used to go to private homes around the nation for Valentine’s Day meals, drinks, and dance parties. This less cost event is also a perfect opportunity to spend the day with all of your loves, including friends and family.

5: Giving Reusable Chocolate Boxes
valentines traditions chocolate

The giving of beautiful chocolate boxes is one habit that appears to have disappeared altogether. According to History.com, the first heart-shaped box for the occasion was manufactured by Richard Cadbury, the heir of the famed British chocolate dynasty. He purposely wrapped chocolates in a gorgeous box, thinking that purchasers would enjoy the excellent packaging and employ it to carry other things such as love notes. (Vintage Cadbury boxes from the Victorian era undoubtedly exist today and are prized treasures.) Who knows, maybe one day your handcrafted box will be a collectible as well!

6: Pressed Flowers

valentines traditions pressed flowers

According to The Huffington Post, couples in Denmark have historically celebrated Valentine’s Day by offering each other pressed white flowers known as snowdrops, despite the fact that it has never been nearly as popular in the United States. What’s the best part? These dried flowers endure substantially longer than fresh flowers.

7: Writing Poetry

valentines traditions poetry

You may compose a fantastic poem for the one you love in addition to a handwritten or handcrafted card. According to some historians, the first Valentine was a sonnet authored by Charles, Duke of Orleans in 1415. We’re positive that any message you compose will delight the receiver, whether it’s amusing, tragic, or lovey dovey.

8: Exchanging Funny Cards

valentines tradition funny card

If you’re going to send a mass-produced card to your partner or spouse this year, do it in the Victorian style and deliver a card that shows off your sense of humor. On the university’s website, Jayne Burgess, the manager of the Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections, stated, “They had a wicked sense of humor.” They weren’t too serious about themselves, and they employed their cards to make their friend giggle.

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